Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting (BPF) – Cash Flow Management (CFM)

BPF is a process that determines the short and long term financial goals of an organization and represents the Annual Planning Cycle. It is a critical tool for informing and executing business strategy. CFM is a process assisting an organization to monitor and analyse its cash flows easily and quickly.

BPF and CFM solutions can solve problems applying to the following areas:
  • Planning Time Deficiencies.Web-based as well as self – serve reports\dashboards give management access to detailed and accurate picture of its business while centralized data input templates increase the frequency of forecasting with less staff effort. So, the transaction between actual and budget data is easier.
  • Analysis Incapability. Powerful “what-if” analysis and scenario planning with top-down and bottom-up capabilities and powerful “splashing” and “spreading” functionality.
  • Proper monitor/control of the Budgeting Procedure. Process tracking is kept and administrator knows the real-time status and stage of all planners involved in the process.
  • Agility and Transparency problems. These solutions can eliminate data segmentation and duplication. Also, multiple users can simultaneously monitor BPF and CF data from anywhere at any time.
  • Data Errors. These solutions can eliminate the tedious manual data consolidation. Input values are centrally stored, automatically rolled-up, instantly consolidated, and available in real-time. 
  • Smooth connection between Operations and Finance. Enterprise plans can be synchronized in order to reflect firm’s strategy and link operational effectiveness with financial performance. 


The BPF solution helps you to:

  • Automate the Budgeting, Planning and Forecast process
  • Mitigate Financial Planning Risk
  • Compare Performance against Plan
  • Provide fast and accurate financial and operational information
  • Provide accurate analysis and strategic plan
  • Use of flexible processes through automated procedures 
  • Increase Corporate Agility and Transparency
  • Enhance Analysis Capability
  • Reduce data errors and so increase data integrity.
  • Reduce Planning time
ICAP Management Consultants have been involved in sophisticated Budgeting & Planning as well as Cash Flow Management implementations across industries, at many firms, thus can demonstrate extensive experience that can be applied to several leading Budgeting Tools. Our core capabilities involve:
  • Expertise in the process, not just the technology. Focus on the business issues and on the optimization of the process through the selected solution
  • Budgeting-focused methodology. Differentiation by using an iterative development approach that provides a safety net for the project owner.
  • Platform Independence. Experience with the leading Performance Management Platforms and more. 
  • Industry Experience. Experience in implementations across a range of industries



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