Goverance, Risk Management & Compliance

ICAP Management Consultants help organizations meeting internal and external legal and regulatory requirements and managing enterprise risks using leading software platforms like ARIS Governance, Risk and Compliance Platform. With a process-driven approach we combine Business Process Analysis with audit-proof workflows, turning risk and compliance management into a strategic management tool.


Compliance management

We identify the necessary internal measures (controls) to ensure compliance, establish a regular schedule to assess effectiveness and report to the respective authorities about status and findings. By that we adapt faster to new laws and regulations and we create synergies among overlapping regulatory requirements by creating one company-specific requirements catalogue, avoiding double work.

Risk management

We define the right controls to mitigate risks and install effective measures to reduce their consequences if they occur. By using heat maps and bow tie methodology for visualizing and analysing risk status, we determine risk probabilities and damage distributions by simulating risk events along business-process chains.

Policy management

We improve corporate governance by understanding the full life cycle of a policy, from creation and release to the assessment of its effectiveness. Finally, we communicate important policies to employees.

Audit management

We analyse and assess quality as well as other performance areas. Usually this includes scheduling audit-related tasks, managing paperwork, organizing findings and reporting results. Our platform helps you reduce costs of temporary staff, such as auditors, and re-use best practices for different audits. Also, we gain insight into upcoming tasks and preparation times. What you get is a real-time overview of your company’s risk and control landscape.

About us

ICAP Group – with 1.300 employees – is the largest Business Information and Management Consulting Group in Greece, with a strong presence in Southeastern Europe.

At ICAP Consultants, our vision is to become the recognized regional leader in Business Consulting enabled by Technology and Business Analytics. Our strategy relies on uniquely combining a superior industry-focused business consultative approach, consumer & business data, analytics and data integration technology solutions. Our unique and innovative solutions differentiate our customers and provide them a competitive advantage.

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