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Customers are the source of real growth. In a massively interconnected world, businesses are prioritizing customer intimacy as never before. Globalization, combined with dramatic increases in the availability of information, has exponentially expanded customers’ options. Organizations are realizing that ongoing engagement and co-creation with customers produce sustainable differentiation and profitable growth.

The right market and customer strategy can help an organization turn customers into advocates, infuse customer interactions across each channel and drive customer loyalty. ICAP Customer-driven strategy consulting services can help your organization achieve its goals, by providing services for assessing, analyzing, and building the appropriate strategies for addressing the targeted markets, as well as for building the respective marketing, sales, service and digital interactions.

Loyalty programs are designed to preserve an on-going relationship between a company and its customers so as to reduce churn and achieve cross and up selling. Game mechanics have recently emerged as a key function to customer loyalty, since they can enhance typical Loyalty Solutions with fun. Customers come across engaging and fun experiences, while they are interacting with your brand, thus they are connected to it in an emotional way as well.

Successful discovery of your sales performance requires building a data advantage by pulling in relevant data sets from both within and outside the company. Relying on mass analysis of those data, however, is often a recipe for failure. Analytics leaders should take the time to write down in simple sentences the business problems they want to solve or questions they want answered.

Today huge amounts of data concerning customers are broadly available. Good use of this data can provide beneficial insights and ensure competitive advantage. Customer transactions generate great volumes of information that are recorded and include multiple attributes and facts about them.

Marketing automation refers to the convergence of Software and Technology platforms along with Marketing experts, to more effectively market through multi or cross channel campaigns.

Engaged Enterprise is a new term used to describe today’s leading-edge companies that are successfully and actively engaging every aspect of their organizations — their employees, their partners and their customers — into a cohesive, collaborative and more effective communities. Many of these companies are weaving gamification programs into their corporate cultures to achieve an increased level of engagement, and the result has been a measurable improvement in their bottom lines. 

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