Customer Analytics

Today huge amounts of data concerning customers are broadly available. Good use of this data can provide beneficial insights and ensure competitive advantage. Customer transactions generate great volumes of information that are recorded and include multiple attributes and facts about them.

Customer Analytics techniques process and analyze this data and can produce behavioral models and patterns for each individual customer. Predictions can be made based on historical data as well as testing of different marketing campaign strategies and scenarios, improving forecasting accuracy and reducing risk.
Customer Analytics solution can help your organization to:
  • Design highly targeted marketing programs by identifying the best customers
  • Choose either the best channel or the right mix of channels to execute your marketing programs
  • Reduce the churn rate by spotting not only which customers are more likely to leave but also why, so you can take action to retain them.
  • Empower your personalized up-sell and cross-sell efforts to maximize the lifetime value of customers
  • Measure customer sentiment and spot emerging trends in social media and surveys to increase loyalty.
  • Provide customer intelligence to front line decision-makers and systems.
ICAP Management Consulting provides Customer Analytics Solutions and Services that help companies to:
  • Predict what customers want and will do next.
  • Improve customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty.
  • Uncover customer sentiment from social media.
  • Measure the performance of customer-facing strategies.
  • Increase customer profitability and lifetime value.
ICAP provides the expertise and methodological approach to deliver a high value Customer Analytics solution.  ICAP team has been involved in sophisticated Customer Analytics implementations at many firms, across industries and can demonstrate extensive experience.

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ICAP Group – with 1.300 employees – is the largest Business Information and Management Consulting Group in Greece, with a strong presence in Southeastern Europe.

At ICAP Consultants, our vision is to become the recognized regional leader in Business Consulting enabled by Technology and Business Analytics. Our strategy relies on uniquely combining a superior industry-focused business consultative approach, consumer & business data, analytics and data integration technology solutions. Our unique and innovative solutions differentiate our customers and provide them a competitive advantage.

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