yellowday of Piraeus Bank Group with ICAP Management Consultants

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Taking advantage of leading and innovative methodologies and technologies ICAP Management Consultants in cooperation with Piraeus Bank Group developed the new service named yellowday.





ICAP, by combining its Customer Strategy & Loyalty services with the state-of-the-art technological TALOS platforms of ICON Platforms and Sitecore Company and ICON Platforms and Linakis Digital's relevant services respectively, designed, developed and put into operation both the technological platform and the supporting services of yellowday service. Based on the specifications of the User Experience, Loyalty & Digital Marketing team, with the support of other teams of the bank’s Retail Banking (Piraeus Direct Services, Sales, Cards, etc.) and in close collaboration with the bank's Marketing & Communications and Information Technology, an ultramodern digital service has been designed which is part of the overall Piraeus Bank Group’s strategy towards the development of a real Bank-Wide, Customer Loyalty policy.

This particular service, by applying innovative and modern methods of customer engagement & motivation, like Gamification, provides a unique experience to all the digital contact channels of the customers of Piraeus Bank Group, trying, on the appropriate time and place as well as with the use of mobility, to cover the real needs of yellowday users by offering services and products. The proposals are highly personalized and each client and non-client of the Bank can find great deals "that will turn their day into a special experience." The implemented solution is part of Customer Strategy Solutions & Services Portfolio of ICAP Management Consultants which aims to support its customers in order to provide excellent services and increase satisfaction of their existing customers respectively, increase customer pipeline, sales as well as the use of their specific products and services.

“I am particularly happy about the cooperation with Piraeus Bank Group for the development of an innovative and modern service as yellowday is. The excellent collaboration with Piraeus Bank people and our partners could not but lead to an outstanding result. Both Piraeus bank’ and our people believe that technology gives us the opportunity to get closer to the final customer / consumer and their needs and build a real relationship based on mutual trust, too.” said Apostolos Tsoubris, the Executive Director of ICAP Management Consulting Private Sector.


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